Quality made in Italy

The Ancora brand has always been a guarantee of "made in Italy" quality.


Pavan, 160 years of history

We continue to work with the same passion and the same commitment of the past

Our Story

United by a great
passion for work

Our strength is the people who allow us to achieve extraordinary results


Made in Italy quality
without compromise

Pavan is always by Your side: The right tool for any building work site need. We are the only Italian company who design and manufacture on each component, an impressively wide range of more than 1500 professional construction tools: trowels, filling knife, finishing trowel, scrapers, fine arts tools and more. The special materials selection, the accurate production process and the extreme attention to the details, allow us to produce high quality tools. We check all items, piece by piece, to guaranteed they are free from any manufacturing defect.

The “Ancora” brand has always been a guarantee of “made in Italy”, a landmark for all building professionals. The deep historical roots of the company are continuously renewed by the constant research and development of new, more performing products. Ongoing interaction with the world of craftsmen allow us to understand and satisfy their need.

Anima Pavan
all the strength of lightness

Discover the most innovative finishing trowel ever designed. With a revolutionary design, shapes designed to slide onto surfaces with incredible fluidity without leaving the smallest sign, reducing all resistance. In the most natural way it follows the movements of the hand and arm, for an experience never experienced before.

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