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Since 1858 Pavan family has been working on a workshop of mechanical tools in Arcade on the outskirt of Treviso. On the period before the first word war, thanks to the spirit of initiative of Ernesto Pavan, the family craft workshop become a veritable factory an important growth begin. The success is evidenced by the transfer to new premises at the end of the 30’s and by the shift from machines to hydraulic force to the most modern electrical machinery . At the “avant-guard” of Veneto’s industrialisation, the company successfully faced the European market even before the Second World War, through the Foreign Development Office in Milan and then after the conflict the business was extended all over the world. Nowaday, the company has reached the fourth generation of Pavan and continues to work with the same passion and commitment. The firm bears the name of its founder, Ernesto Pavan, who invested his spirit of initiative and genius to transform an established craft workshop into a veritable factory.

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